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& places.

stories, made.

People’s Studio creates welcoming places through compelling storytelling. Imagined by an original story of the place and people, we unite the architecture, interior design, branding and digital presence to become immersive guest experiences to shop, eat, live, work socialize and be entertained.

Places to connect people, to bring new stories to life: People’s stories & places.


The story of Ambar follows deep traditions and habits which has been interpreted for a new generation. Inspired by the Ambar, a barn on the contryside and traditionally known as a storage place for your beloved belongings.
Ambar is a place to discover...

Peopls creates welcoming places through storytelling.

Located right in the city center of Samara, Gudok is about life. It’s glamorous, easy, rough, bright, colorful, delicious and sweet. All facts of life are represented in a colorful way through materials, patterns, paintings and artworks.
It’s Gudok. It’s life.

Uniting the architecture, interior, branding and digital presence.

People are different, they love different things, places and styles. New Tushino in Moscow is about the people, their traditions, habits and culture and will become home to around 30.000 residents. A decidedly mixed-use cluster offers office, retail, sports and leisure spaces.
It´s New Tushino - For you, me & everyone.

Immersive places to shop, eat, live, work, socialize and entertain.
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The new design of the Rathaus Galerie Essen is a love letter to the origin of its place, the „Ruhrgebiet“. Industrial culture meets urban gardening, art mixes with the love of football, colorful kiosks are the traditional places to meet for a multicultural mix of people. The design of the Rathaus Galerie picks up the color palette and materials of the „Ruhrgebiet“ to feel home. 
And home is where the heart is.

Places to connect people,
to bring new stories to life.

Vikiland, located in Amman, Jordan follows the natural desire to explore, engage, learn, exercise or simply to play.  With a vast selection of sports, play, gaming and edutainment offerings, the visitors are transformed into a Wonderland over four attraction levels. Whether you like to see the universe, climb the rainbow, fly with the birds or walk on the clouds. Make a wish... and it may come true.

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People’s Studio creative development is a multidisciplinary approach to placemaking to unite architects, planners, designers, agencies and more to deliver immersive places through storytelling.

All disciplines are guided by an original story inspired by the local landscape, culture and lifestyle, working hand in hand from idea to architecture, design, branding, marketing and implementation.

The result is a coherent, entertaining, memorable and branded guest experience that connects the place to the people and adds value through design. We work as a collective with partners or as part of your team. Always together.

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Lister Meile 33,

30161 Hannover, Germany

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